• OVER £5m
  • UNDER £5m

How do I enter? Nominate an individual or enter yourself. Make sure you state whether the nominee/entrant’s company is over or under £5m turnover.

Who is this award for?

This award will be given to a business leader (director, company owner, founder, Chairman, Board member) that has made an outstanding contribution to their company throughout the COVID-19 pandemic. This individual will have led their company, providing inspiration to their teams and showing demonstrable success whether through profit, team morale or by pivoting a business successfully.

This individual will have brought their team with them on their journey.

This award will be judged on the following criteria (entries do not need to address all criteria but should cover at least 3 points):

  • Evidence of how this leader has successfully steered their company throughout the pandemic
  • Evidence of how this leader supported their team
  • Evidence of how they brought their team on the journey
  • Evidence of a clear vision for the future, post pandemic

What do you need to submit?

  • 750 words or a 5 minute video explaining how your company meets the above criteria
  • If relevant, supporting evidence demonstrating the above criteria (financial or anecdotal)
  • 3 references from the industry (at least one must be external to the individuals company)

All supporting evidence must be provided in one document, you may include links to webpages.


To submit your entry and supporting evidence CLICK HERE

To pay for your entry CLICK HERE

Payment is needed prior to the 30th of October for your entry to be judged.

How much does it cost to enter?

£25 per entry

What do you win?

  • The prestige of winning an award from your industry (and we’ll send you a trophy too!)
  • Presentation of the award at a virtual ceremony on the 26th November 2020
  • You’ll be featured in BOSS Today, OPI, Channel Info and Dealer Support

All those nominated will receive a goody bag prior to the Awards evening to help them enjoy the night.