Sustainable Leadership Awards

Sustainable Leadership Awards

Sustainability is increasingly being recognised as a core element in well-run businesses of all sizes.  Delivering operational efficiency, business and supply chain resilience, and adding value to society, it is not only a critical component of a responsible company but one which adds competitive edge.

The BOSS Sustainable Leadership Awards seek to recognise those businesses that are heading the transition to business models that are fit for tomorrow.  These companies are responsive to the changes in the environment and society and find in them the opportunities to drive commercial success.  Open to all sizes and types of business, the judges will evaluate entries against the three pillars of sustainability: social, economic and environmental.

Awards will be made to those businesses that score highly enough to be regarded as true leaders in sustainability.  Businesses that can evidence innovation and going beyond mere legal compliance.

Please provide a submission in the following format:

Summary (max 250 words)

Please provide a concise summary of your application.

Social (max 250 words)

How have you engaged with your stakeholders  – the local and national community, your staff, customers and supply chain to ensure best practices? Judges will be looking for evidence of initiatives that demonstrate the contribution of the business to its stakeholders.  Evidence of ethical policies and practices, and engagement with issues affecting society will help applicants score well.

Environmental (max 250 words)

In what areas have you been able to minimise or reduce your environmental impact? Innovation in this area could include for example supply chain localisation or optimisation, alternative products, reduced emissions, improvements to energy efficiency, zero waste to landfill and carbon reduction initiatives.  Evidence of a structured, management system delivering quantified improvements over a period will show how this area has been integrated into the operation of the company.

Please supply evidence of existing environmental accreditations like ISO14001, FSC, PEFC, EMAS etc.

Financial (max 250 words)

How have your initiatives in improving sustainability helped your business financially?  This may be through reducing costs, or increasing sales or creating new revenue streams from circular economy thinking. Evidence of commitment and longer-term thinking will score well, such as investment in low carbon vehicles or renewable energy technologies.

Notes on what the judges are looking for:
• Judges will not read beyond the stated word maximum.
• Judges will expect to see supporting evidence for all claims made. The judges will be experienced practitioners of sustainability and will expect a suitable standard of evidence. Supporting evidence may be submitted for any section provided it is labelled with the relevant section number. Evidence may include but not be limited to tables of data, spreadsheets, graphs, ISO certificates, marketing material/flyers and printed webpages.
• Winning entries will have demonstrated that the principles of sustainability have been embedded into how the company operates.  Judges will look for managed, quantified improvements over a period as well as demonstrations of leadership through inventive, inspiring solutions and innovative approaches.  The company culture will be shown to reflect these values.