Dominic Wing

Dominic Wing is an economics graduate from UEA.

He was the principal project manager for one of Europe’s largest environment projects during the mid to late 90’s.

He was the co-creator of Fonebak, the World’s First Mobile Phone Recycling Scheme (launched in 2002), which was endorsed by the Government and all the major network providers. The scheme collected over 3 million phones per year, which were either refurbished and re-used, or safely recycled.

Dominic was selected to join the Government’s WEEE Advisory Group, which successfully implemented the UK WEEE Regulations. He also represented the UK on the United Nations Environmental Programme for the Collection and Transboundary Movement of Mobile Phones.

Fonebak Plc was floated on the London Stock Exchange in March 2005 and the following month won the Queens Award for International Trade. Fonebak Plc went on to become a £198m turnover company, employing over 4000 staff across 22 different countries.

Dominic left Fonebak in 2006 for a better work-life balance and began training as primary school teacher in 2008, before becoming an adult teacher (and NVQ assessor).

Between 2006 and 2010 Dominic consulted for a number of companies within the telecoms and education sectors, before joining the BPIF in 2011.

Dominic recently became the Curriculum Manager for BPIF/BOSS’s Training Department.