Reseller Forum

Reseller Forum

The BOSS Resellers Forum invite their peers to connect and support one another as we discuss and debate areas of challenge and opportunity for our sector.

Shape your business, shape our sector – an opportunity to make your voice heard.  

The BOSS Resellers Committee, chaired by Darren Lloyd – United, was created to provide a safe space in which resellers could discuss industry issues, opportunities, and the state of trade for the sector.

Their intentions are to CONNECT resellers, creating a community of passionate contributors who can share insights and ideas. Provide a fair and effective VOICE that can give feedback from resellers to the wider supply chain. Offer relevant and impartial SUPPORT and guidance to the reseller community to enable them to grow and future proof their businesses.


The event:

The last 18 months have thrown a number of curveballs at all businesses and planning without certainty is a challenge. While individually we can’t provide all the answers as a forum we can connect and share insight.

Join the BOSS Resellers Forum on the 25th of November to hear from leading industry experts who will be exploring how businesses can succeed and grow in the next 18 months while considering challenges such as supply chain disruption, return to office, inflation, and sustainability. We’ll consider how to create new revenue streams and hear from those who have had diversification success stories.

There will be opportunity to voice your views and help shape the BOSS Resellers Forum’s purpose and direction moving forwards.



13.00-13.45: Networking lunch

13.45-14.05: Welcome, Darren Lloyd, United

14.05- 14.50: Panel Session chaired by Darren Lloyd, United

How will businesses succeed and grow in the next 18 months considering the following challenges:

  • Supply chain disruption
  • Return to office
  • Inflation
  • Sustainability

14.50-15.35: Panel Session chaired by Adam Noble, Complete Group:

Creating new revenue streams – hear from those who have had diversification success

15.35-15.50: Open Forum – Shaping the strategy for the Resellers Forum

15.45-16:00: Close from Darren Lloyd


  • Free to those attending the BOSS Awards
  • Free for BOSS Members
  • £65 + VAT for non-members

Thank you to our sponsor of the Reseller Forum