This award can be entered by IT providers, retailers, dealers, dealer groups, contract stationers and wholesalers who have developed a successful service offering targeted at customers in the supply chain or the end user.

In no more than 750 words please submit your entry, ensuring that all criteria from the below list are addressed.  Please also provide us with evidence of the service provided, including examples of creative assets, marketing collateral, campaign programme and photos/videos where relevant, of your service offering. This includes IT-led system and services.

Nominations from IT Providers, manufacturers/suppliers, resellers and retailers are also welcomed. Nominations should include the service provider name and a 750 word description of the service being provided. Nominated companies will be contacted to submit further information.

Entries will be judged on:
• Raising service awareness and profile
• Service excellence
• Originality
• Increased revenue for service provider
• Increased revenue for manufacturer/reseller/retailer
• Innovative marketing of service
• Supply chain cost reductions or service improvements

The structure that should be followed for each entry is:
• Context/background of the company and the service
• Main objectives of the service
• Strategy/plan of action for promoting the service
• Tactics and implementation activities including reseller/retailer engagement
• Measurement and metrics
• Results achieved and proof of success
• Timeline of the campaign

All information received will be treated in the strictest confidence and can be returned or destroyed after the Awards.